Investment Management

Third Party Management

Turning around distressed properties

Acquisitions and Dispositions

Comprehensive Market Research and Consulting

Property take-overs and lease-ups

Executing “Value-Add” strategies

Due Diligence

Sabra Real Estate Acquisition and Investments Management (SREA)

SABRA’s Real Estate Asset Management Division (SREA) provides clients the professional and efficient service they have grown to expect from a preeminent full service real estate company. Our portfolio of asset management spans from upscale luxury living to the most basic of housing, retail and commercial/office asset types.

SABRA holds solid expertise in the following:

  1. Third Party Management
  2. Property take-overs and lease-ups
  3. Turning around distressed properties
  4. Executing “Value-Add” strategies
  5. Acquisitions and Dispositions
  6. Due Diligence
  7. Comprehensive Market Research and Consulting

Sabra Real Estate Acquisition and Investment Management (SREA) is fully engaged in identifying and acquiring targeted real estate investments that represent significant opportunity for repositioning to optimize value enhancement and return on investment.  SREA offers a full range of in-depth market knowledge, acquisition targeting and underwriting, asset management services and overall expertise necessary to achieve targeted investment strategies and returns throughout the asset life cycle.  Through its’ leadership and the capabilities of management and the renovation companies, SREA specializes in identifying unique investment opportunities, detailed due diligence, asset acquisition and repositioning of distressed and underperforming assets for private investors and third party management initiatives.