“We strive to be one of the largest Real Estate Investment/Management Companies, with an unwavering belief in our primary goals which are Service, Integrity and Dependability.”

Meet Sabra Property Management

SPM is a privately held and fully integrated real estate organization founded in 1994 by Gideon Levy, with an investment in a single apartment building. Since then, with the growth of SPM, our core business focuses on Multifamily, Commercial, Retail and Office buildings, located in the Southeastern Region.

Investments & Acquisitions

SPM is engaged in all aspects of real-estate investments, acquisitions and ownership. SPM manages and owns a combined asset value topping $100 million dollars. Assets include: Multi-Family, Retail centers and Office buildings.

Work Hard to Succeed

SPM is pursuing investments using a combination of its own capital and investment partners with a variety of major commercial real estate lenders and banking institutions.

Interested in an exciting career with SPM?

At Sabra Property Management, you’ll build a rewarding multifamily career with benefits!