Residential Acquistions




Core Market: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North/South Carolina.

Core Sub-Market:  Atlanta, Greenville, Columbia, Chattanooga, Montgomery.

Source of Investment Opportunity: There are a number of sources for target acquisitions that meet the criteria for target investments.

  • Bank REO (Real Estate owned) – Typically involves foreclosure assets that are part of a banks or non-performing loans portfolio.
  • Distressed Asset Sales (Homes) – Forced sale or sale under failing financial structure.  Existing owners that are motivated to sell assets to avoid possible foreclosure or bankruptcy.  These are often offered in conjunction with lenders, or on a cooperative basis with a mortgage holder(s).
  • Brokerage Community – Available assets that are marketed on an ongoing basis.
  • Direct Sell by Existing Owner – Asset sales that take place through informal industry network – typically avoiding transaction fees.

                                 INVESTOR SERVICES

Deal Sourcing– Locate, research and analyze a variety of suitable real estate investments based on your criteria.

Joint Venture– Structural, participating in, manage a profitable joint venture investment opportunities.

Consulting – Provide knowledgeable guidance and recommendations aimed at helping you achieve your investment objectives.

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